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  • "Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations"


    On the outside, you put on a mask showing everyone you have a great life. You are dependable, hardworking, and happy. But on the inside, you feel lost, hopeless, and never good enough. You are seen as withdrawn, anxious, lazy, angry, unreliable, or any number of other things. Except you aren’t! You cannot get a handle on your brain. You have frequent thoughts that things will never get better. You spend every day trying to keep it together, but you just cannot do it anymore. You don’t have to feel this way.

    You want to feel peace and hope. It is time to put yourself first without feeling guilty or selfish. You are ready to heal past hurts and cope with current struggles. I want to walk alongside you in the healing process. You are worth all the happiness and joy that life has to offer. I can help you find the peace you so desperately seek.

    The most important time in the world is the time you make for yourself.

    I offer a judgment-free environment for you to feel safe discussing and processing your hurts and struggles. My goal is to help you find the “roots” of your struggles in order to have inner healing that leads to overall peace. I offer in-person and online. Contact me today to begin the journey to healing and peace today.

    If you’re interested in becoming a better, happier, more fulfilled you,
    get started by reaching out today!

    About Kelly Sink, LCMHC, CCTP

    I specialize in trauma and hold a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Certification. I work with teens and adults, both male and female, ages 13 and up. I also work with couples and families. I utilize a variety of interventions from multiple therapeutic approaches to help you best heal.

    I am a graduate of Liberty University. I am a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors as well as The Licensed Professional Counselors Association of North Carolina.